Marketing For The Future Announces New Social Media Monitoring Service

Marketing For The Future, LLC is excited to announce a new social media monitoring service. The company based in Tucson, Arizona provides social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and various other internet services. Marketing For The Future exclaims the internet tool integrates more than 25 social media sites into one convenient dashboard allowing companies to monitor their brand name across multiple sites all from one place. The site, allows users to post status updates from one location that are broadcasted across the user’s social networks. It’s essentially one site that allows you to manage your entire social media presence and engage your customers directly from the dashboard, all form one convenient location.

According to Marketing For The Future “it’s a great tool that will allow companies to monitor their brand name across may social platforms. Not only does it allow users to monitor what people are saying about them but it also allows users to engage potential client’s right from the dashboard. It can really be utilized in a wide array of business functions including, social media marketing, social media analytics, lead generation, customer service, reputation management, influencer outreach, community engagement, inbound & integrated marketing, market insights, and more! It really services as a one in all solution for social media marketing for companies and brands” The company also announced that the Social Media Metrics package would be available to current clients at a discounted rate and open to the public to purchase on January 17, 2011.

Marketing For The Future, LLC which was founded in 2011 is a full service internet marketing agency that specializes in social media and has experience with large and small sized companies. To learn more you can email them at and visit online at

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