Are Micro Sites Important?

In todays fierce online marketing environment companies must consistently adapt to new strategies and tactics to ensure results. one of those tactics is something that does not get a lot of recognition in the SEO world, but i believe should. The topic today is…micro sites…and their effect on search. I like to view micro sites as having two major benefits that directly help your online marketing efforts. First and foremost are the more obvious reasons for any online marketer. You can capture leads directly through micro sites without having to send a visitor anywhere. One of the major benefits of micro sites that is not so obvious is the effect it can have on your main web site. If the micro site is built properly with search engine friendly methods and then is utilized in a way that is beneficiary to your main website then compounding results can occur. For example if you can capture leads through your micro site and in addition have a positive impact on your main sites in terms of search results then you are way ahead of the SEO game. What other tactics do you think are underrated in terms of Search Engine Optimization? Whats your favorite SEO tactic based around results?

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