Mobile Optimized Vs. Non Mobile Optimized Websites

The importance of a mobile optimized web site for your company is unprecedented in the current digital age. To stay competitive in today’s mobile marketing environment it is vital for every company to employ a mobile optimized web site. Many companies are under the impression that because the current company website will load and function on a mobile device similar to a desktop then the website is “Mobile optimized” when in reality this is not true at all. To have a mobile optimized site your website needs to be built to specific specifications required to be functional and competent across all mobile devices.   Companies are missing out on a lot of potential business all because of the fact they do not have a mobile optimized website, with an easy call to action.

To help you better understand and see the difference between a mobile optimized and non-mobile optimized web site checkout the pictures below.

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Mobile Optimized

Non Mobile Optimized

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