Featured Application: BarSential

Featured Application: BarSential

If you are looking for local nightlife deals on drinks, food, bottle service, and admission to all the hot spots in Arizona you need to check out the BarSential Application. The BarSential application provides exclusive deals to consumers who download it.  It utilizes geo location to find the best bar deals for you based on your location, and will list them within the application. Users can then go the location of where the deal is being offered and purchase the deal they desire through the BarSential app. This can be a great resource if you are looking to take advantage of offers at bars and nightclubs in Arizona.  This is a useful tool for any one on a budget and is an excellent app for college students.

According to John Rushworth, CEO, “Smartphone users who download the free BarSential application on their iPhone device can see a list or map of all the popular nightlife items including drinks, bottle service, admission and food, all within their general vicinity.  When a user arrives at a participating business, he or she simply opens the BarSential app and selects the offer they want to redeem.  Once the offer has been purchased, the deal is ready to use, and the customer can show the selected offer to the server.”

We had a chance to look at the app first hand in Tucson. With deals from Gentle Ben’s, Monkey Burger, Bumsted’s, Playground Bar, Sky Bar, Pancho Villas, and other merchants the application definitely has a wide selection of locations to choose from. As a matter of fact there are 21 different bars and clubs all publishing different deals and offers as of right now.  With over 50 offers from those participating merchants it is likely you will be able to utilize this app to save some $$$. Please let us know if you have utilized this application and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

App Store – BarSential

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