A Case Study: Ranking High in The Search Engines

I love when we can get our websites to rank high in the search engines in a relatively fast time frame.Specifically when they are sites related directly to driving business for our company Mktg4TheFuture.We launched the website www.TucsonMarketing.net just over a month ago. The objective was to drive more business via the search engines and do so with utilizing a micro site; rich with keyword text, meta tags, and a few other tricks.

Click the image below to see us in the #3rd slot. (Not bad for a relatively new website)

The results are in and they have been nothing less then spectacular. We are already receiving 10-15 qualified visitors a day and rank #3 organically in Google for the term “Tucson Marketing”. The micro site hasn’t landed us a new client yet, but it is only a matter of time with search engine rankings like that. If you are interested in driving more traffic and business for your company fill out the form below!

[wufoo username=”mktg4thefuture” formhash=”z7x3k1″ autoresize=”true” height=”724″ header=”show”]

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