State of the Marketing Environment and 2013 Predictions

Marketing For The Future, LLC State of the Marketing Environment 2013

As we head full blast into 3013 there are a few things marketers need to keep in mind.

  1. 2013 will be the the year of the tablet. Just look at this graph:

  1. Social media spend is predicted to break records in marketing budgets for internet advertisers in 2013 . More than 22 percent reported an increase in their social media budget compared to a year ago, while only six percent reported a decrease. So, there are nearly four times the number of small businesses that have increased their social media budget, versus those that have decreased.
  2. Get on Google +. Period. It will become an even bigger part of search.
  3. Content will remain king
  4. Animated GIF’s will become the new MEME’s for marketers
  5. At least one new site you we have not heard of will pop up and be unbelievably successful in 2013
  6. Instagram could make a half billion dollars in revenue

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