Most Epic Social Media Meltdown Ever?

Just in case you missed the news this week, we wanted to share with you one of the most epic social media meltdowns that we have ever seen in the past 5 years.

It all started with a few negative reviews on Yelp and a Reddit thread.

Amy’s Baking Company located in Scottsdale Arizona was featured in Gordon Ramsay’s famous show, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ last Friday. The owners of the bakery let Gordon know that there were a few “Haters” that were going online and writing negative reviews about the bakery.

So Gordon tried the food out for himself, and sure enough the food was despicable by his standards. After the owners were done screaming at him, and telling him that he didn’t know what he was talking about, they managed to jump online and continue their unbelievable tirade against all their “Haters”. Look at these Facebook posts from the company shouting out all their negative reviewers:





Make sure out checkout some of Yelp reviews and that Reddit thread that the owners refer to as their “Haters”.

Here are the clips from the show:


Most epic social media meltdown ever? We think so!

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