5 Quick Tips for Advertising on Facebook

5 Quick Tips for Advertising on Facebook:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook ads is one of the most advanced target marketing options available for marketers today and yet Facebook ads average 10% of a company’s total marketing budget. Utilize the tips below to see a better ROI on your ads, and unlock the true power of Facebook Ads.

1)      Take advantage of the Power Editor within the Facebook platform.

2)      Don’t go into Facebook advertising like you would approach a billboard or another traditional advertising medium.

3)      Create something that is funny, witty, or otherwise highly shareable for your target market.

4)      Go with what is working, and stop ads that aren’t performing. If you have 0 shares and 1 like chances are your ad isn’t appealing enough.

5)      Launch different campaigns targeted towards your segmented markets and take advantage of targeted promoted posts.

Caleb Tennenbaum

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