Is the Yelp review filter still sufficient?

Is the Yelp review filter still sufficient?

If you are unfamiliar with yelp review filter what the video below: [youtube=]

Yelp can be a great platform for local businesses to advertise their goods and services. With that being said; I have 2 main problems with Yelp that can easily be corrected. Today I will talk about only one. The issue lies within the Yelp review algorithm that filters out user reviews. One business owner said “A lot of the really great ones never even showed up, which was a huge problem because they all got filtered.” ––Fake-Reviews-Does-Yelp-Help-or-Hurt-Business

Tucson MarkeintgIn my time with Yelp I have found the filter reviews can be about 90% accurate. My real problem with Yelp is when a regular user has hundreds of reviews, (and not only one or two) and uses the website on a daily basis, then writes a positive review, and it’s still filtered. If yelp doesn’t change this soon they may be hurting themselves in the long run. The loyal users that see reviews filtered may turn to other review sites in a quick manner.

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