Quick Mobile Marketing Strategy Audit

Quick Mobile Marketing Strategy Audit

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to assess your current mobile marketing strategy.

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When you visit your website on a mobile device, does it look the same as your desktop website?

If you answered Yes to this question you need to look at building a mobile optimized website for your users. Mobile customers are expecting a mobile experience. If they show up to your website on their phone and it looks like a desktop version they are going to click away. You want to make the user experience unique and easy to use.

Do you have a way to communicate with customers on an mobile platform?

SMS marketing is a great way to send your message out to mobile users. Another strategy is to utilize push notifications in App have to send your message. SMS open rate are comparable to push notification open rates in Apps.

Do you have mobile campaigns set up in Google Adwords, and Bing?

If you do have a mobile optimized website make sure you are doing your best to drive mobile customers to your website. You can set up a mobile marketing campaign in pay per click or through mobile marketing ad networks to help drive your mobile traffic.

 Do mobile users have a way of calling or messaging you that is a seamless process?

The easier you make it for mobile users to contact you, the higher ROI you will see on your mobile marketing campaigns.

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