4 steps to get More Twitter Followers

Step 1: Listen. Opening up your ears and listening to what the people you follow are saying is a great way to engage, and get more people to follow you. Generally speaking if you are listening and responding to people’s tweets it will create a snowballing effect. Their follower will recognize this and want to follow you also. Listening is a great way to get your Twitter follower count up.

Step 2: Engage. “Tweople” want to be engaged with on a regular basis. Whether you are engaging them through DM’s, RT’s, or replies when you are actively engaging your Twitter audience the results will come in the form of followers and sales. The more you engage, the better off your overall marketing strategy will be.

Step 3: Introduce yourself. Create a way for new followers to learn more about you. For every new follower I get, I always send them a welcome message and invite them to look at my website to let me know their thoughts. It’s an easy step that will translate into more followers and more business for your company.

Step 4: Create compelling content. People on Twitter want to follow users that are constantly putting out new content and sharing the best information from around the web. The more interesting content you can produce or share with your follower, the more followers you will get. What exactly is “interesting” content? Let your followers decide for you, and run with it. If certain Tweets get you 100 RT’s and others get you 0 it should give you a good idea of what your followers want to see.

Utilizing the 4 steps that are mentioned above will not only get you more followers on Twitter, but it will get you more business. Please be sure to Follow us on Twitter at @mktg4thefuture and let us know how you like to gain more followers in the comments section below.

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