3 Reasons Facebook Advertising May Be Better than Google Adwords.

Marketing for The Future is a big believer in the Google Adwords platform. Customers searching for services and products, sometimes already knowing they are going to buy something makes Adwords a huge asset for any company.  When customers search for services and products with the intent to buy already instilled in them, Adwords can be a great lead source for any business. The implications of this for small companies are huge, considering the internet allows the smallest companies to look like the largest organizations and vice versa. Although Adwords Is a great internet marketing avenue we believe Facebook has 3 particularly strong advantages over Google Adwords.


  1. Click through Rates in Successful Facebook Campaigns  are much higher than Click through rates in Successful Adwords campaigns
    • When you read a lot of internet marketing blogs many advertisers will say if you can get a 5% click through rate you are running an extremely successful PPC campaign. Although this may be true, it’s important to keep in focus a 5 percent CTR for a ad campaign involving search queries of consumers specifically looking for your products vs. the alternative scenario. The alternative scenario is running a Facebook campaign and getting a 10 percent CTR with your exact target market. The main difference between running an ad on Facebook is the consumer is not necessarily looking for your product or service. In theory if you can accomplish a higher CTR on an ad platform where users aren’t necessarily searching for your product ie; Facebook you can effectively expand you company market share and increase brand awareness. It’s important to remember that you still want to focus on direct traffic such as Google searches where your market is looking for your products.
  2. Facebook Advertisements are crowd sourced making it easy for you to tell the difference between a successful ad and a dud
    • It is relatively easy to see if your ad that you are running on Facebook is going to be successful or not within a 24 hour period. If the picture, post, or advertisement you are running has stacked up 1,000 likes, 500 comments, numerous shares, and is generating some kind of buzz it is safe to say you have created a successful advertisement. This kind of crowdsourcing makes it easy for advertisers to use Facebook to create more effective and hyper targeted advertisements.
  3. The level of targeting that Facebook Ads allows marketers is unprecedented
    • Never in the history of marketing have you been ale to target your audience like you can within the Facebook advertising platform. Marketers can use this to their advantage when creating dynamic ads and doing a/b testing on Facebook. Target your market by Age, Gender, Psychographics, Location, and Connections to help make the most successful Facebook ad possible.

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