Twitter Best Practices

Follow these Twitter best practices below and not only will you gain more followers, but you will sell more!

  • Send a direct message welcoming all new followers. Tell them who you are, and what you do. Send them a link to your website, they followed you for a reason so this is a great opportunity to reach your hand out to them and help solve their problem.
  • Follow back all your new followers. If you don’t follow back then your followers may think you are uninterested in getting their business or hearing what they have to say.
  • Be sure you give a shootout or response to anyone that mentions you. If someone tweets your handle they are going to expect a response back, particularly if the tweet they sent was regarding your products or services.
  • Participate in Follow Friday activities. If someone gives you a shout out on Follow Friday make sure you give them one back. There is nothing more irritating then not getting a Follow Friday back. 😉
  • Respond to your mentions in a timely fashion. Don’t wait 2 years to get back to the person that just asked you about your product. If they are asking you a question try to respond within 12 hours at the latest, wait 24 and it might be too late.
  • Make sure you fully fill in your profile with a link to your website. Your profile can say a lot about your company, and it’s vital that you clearly communicate your message in your about section. This simple 5 minute task can make or break you, so make sure you fill it in properly.
  • Engage with your Twitter audience and jump in the conversation. Don’t wait to be mentioned before you jump In the conversation, if you notice people talking about a subject you are an expert or professional in then jump in the conversation. People on Twitter love getting engaged by brands and companies of all sizes.
  • Remember that content is king. If you are posting good content on your Twitter account then the followers will come and your sales will grow.


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