10 Interesting Facebook Stats


Check out some these Facebook marketing stats below. The statistics are provided via Hubspot. Some of these numbers should open many eyes to the benefits and advantages of marketing your business on Facebook.

  1. 500 Million Users login to Facebook everyday
  2. People ages 25-34 use Facebook the most
  3. 8-% of US Social Network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook
  4. Small business average 18% spend of their marketing budgets on Social media
  5. 33% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from friends on Facebook
  6. 68% of marketers surveyed say that Facebook ads are effective in fan and customer acquisition
  7. 95% of all wall posts are NOT answered by brands/companies
  8. 39% of advertisers have driven traffic off their Facebook ads onto an external landing page
  9. The average CPC in Facebook ads is $1.14 (Year 2012)
  10. 67% of US online consumers trust information and advice they hear on Facebook

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