Website Marketing Strategy Audit

If you want to audit your internet marketing strategy you should create a checklist with the questions below. Try to answer them accordingly. By the end of the questions you should have a better idea of where your web marketing strategy is at. This will give you a better idea of future initiatives and possible endeavors as you enhance your entire online marketing presence.


  • Have you optimized your websites Meta Tags, Content, Alt Text, and internal pages so that they are easily found and indexed by the search engines?
  • Do you utilize a blog and participate in blog comments to enhance you SEO?
  • Do you utilize Press Releases and ‘No Follow’ Links in those press releases? This can be a great strategy to enhance your websites presence on the internet.
  • Do you implement some kind of PPC campaign in Google Adwords or Microsoft AdCnter?
  • Is Email Marketing A Part of Your Web Marketing and Re Marketing Strategy?
  • Do you utilize Social networks to enhance your marketing efforts?
  • Have you hosted and setup webinars or instructional online videos for your customers?
  • Do you participate on forums? Or do you offer easy feedback avenues for customers to give you feedback in an easy manner.
  • Have you incorporated local sponsorships and community events into your online marketing strategy?
  • Does your outbound/traditional marketing goals support your social media marketing strategy?

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