Social Media Rules to Drive Traffic

Social Media Rules to Drive Traffic

Arizona Marketing

Rule 1: Engage others. Go out and see what others are talking, tweeting, and posting about and join in on what they have to say.

Rule 2: Welcome new followers and members to your community with a message or shout out.

Rule 3: Post useful content that your readers want to read and hear about.

Rule 4: Tell your community what you do, how you’re different, and why you’re better. Do it in less than 160 characters when possible.

Rule 5: Be there to help. If a customer is having an issue, solve their problem. That’s what you are there for.

Rule 6: Direct people to your website via links and asking them to give you feedback. A phrase like “How do you like my site?” can go a far way.

Best of luck and shoot us an email for more tips, hints, and information on social media engagement.

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