Internet Marketing: 15 Signs that you’re Doing It Wrong

Internet Marketing: 15 Indicators that you’re Doing It Wrong

  1. Being on Facebook is your “Social Media Strategy”
  2. You “Don’t believe in PPC”
  3. You think online review sites “have no value”
  4. You’re not allocating a budget for Facebook Ads
  5. Yellow Pages or Dex One built your website and is managing your “SEO”
  6. You aren’t building an opted in subscriber list
  7. You think Twitter is for Teenage Girls
  8. You Don’t have a Blog Setup
  9. You haven’t setup a keyword alert on Google Alerts for “Your Company Name”
  10. You haven’t claimed your free listings on sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, or Elocal.
  11. Your regular website looks the same on your IPhone or Mobile Device
  12. When you search your company name in Google and you show up on page 10
  13. Your website has looked the same for the past 5 years
  14. You don’t have videos or relative content on your site
  15. You have 2 Facebook fans and 4 followers on Twitter

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