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We offer companies Social Media Marketing Packages for Twitter and Facebook Starting as low as $400.00/month! Call 520-245-3138 to learn more about this comprehensive social media package customized for your business.

  • Includes Facebook Advertising buys!
  • Includes Engagement with fans and followers!
  • Contests, customs apps, and much more!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • We are so confident that there are NO long term contracts. If you don’t like the results, you can quit anytime. Even after the first month!

With more than 800 million active Facebook users and over 300 million Twitter users, social media is already established as the newest marketing channel. Social media is the perfect platform for you to connect with your customers. Mktg4theFuture Social Media Metrics aids you and helps you understand who your fans and potential customers are, lets you manage your business Twitter and Facebook accounts and engage the right people at the right time, and that’s just the start. Powerful and in depth analytics help you understand how well your social media marketing is working, and our downloadable reports make it easy to understand

Marketing For The Future, LLC takes a unique and engaging approach to social media marketing. People are talking about your company on social networks but do you know what they are saying? We monitor the conversations people are having about your company to make sure that they are telling their friends about your great services. With our one of a kind technology you can monitor over 25 social networks to stay on top of your companies online reputation. We allow you to track conversations on social sites even if your not a member of them. With the Mktg4thefuture dashboard you can monitor everything from your Facebook wall to blogs across the internet. Contact us to learn more.

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