Local SEO Tips

Local SEO Tips

  • Take photos of your office, or store and upload a minimum of six high-quality photos to help your local listing stand out.
  • Ensure all of your company addresses are registered and up to date on Google+ Local.
  • Design business cards that encourage customers to review your brand on Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp!, etc. Offer them a next-time discount incentive.
  • Create landing pages with local intent. Submit them to Google Local if you have multiple addresses.
  • Take a visit to your local library and dig deep into historical information about your local town or city. You might find a gem that hasn’t been written about online, which is great for picking up local citations and links. Michael Dorausch has some great tips in a local review of Tampa.
  • Create a list of power reviewers within your sector and look to get on their radar.
  • Make sure you’re listed on the key local providers, such as Yell, ThomsonLocal, ReachLocal, etc.


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  • pioneerpeststl

    Tuesday, 10 Dec, 2013

    Thanks for this ongoing resource. I am afraid the link in this post to Michael Dorausch’s piece is not working. Do you have a different link by chance?

    • mktg4thefuture

      Tuesday, 10 Dec, 2013

      Sorry about that. Looking for the correct link now. We will post it when we find it, thanks for letting us know!


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