Setting up 2 step verification for Facebook

With all of the information you store onto your Facebook account the last thing you want to have happen is getting you data compromised. From messages, friends, family members, games, and other user information it is important your Facebook account is protected to the best of your ability. The best way to go about protecting your account is setting up what is called Facebook 2 step verification.

Facebook has what is called login approvals to help protect you. It is security where your phone number is given an role when you try to login to your Facebook account from any other computer than from the one which you registered while activating login Approvals. To setup login approvals:

  1. Click “Account Settings” from the upper right hand corner drop down box on
  2. After you are on the account settings page scrolls down to “Security” on the right hand side and click.
  3. Once you reach the “Security Settings” scroll down to “login approvals” and click edit.
  4. Click the check box that says “Require me to enter a security code each time an unrecognized computer or device tries to access my account

This will enable a text message with a unique code is sent to your mobile phone and is used every time you login from an unknown device

Once you complete the steps you will have completed the Facebook 2 step verification process. After, try to login to your Facebook account from another location to make sure the 2 step verification is enabled and working.

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