Facebook is doing it right

Facebook Admin Features Keep Getting Better

One of the reasons we are such true believers in Facebook as a marketing channel is because they are always ahead of the curve when it comes to developing their website. Particularly when it comes to adding features for company and brand admins on the UI side of administrators.

Facebook has slowly been adding features, reports, and many more options for page admins over the previous few months, making it easier to manage your company/brand page.

One of the features we here at Marketing for the Future are excited about is going to be live on February 20th, and we are SUPER excited about it. Although we have never ran into this problem that the feature addresses, it has always been something I have thought about. Since many times a company page has more than just one admin, this new feature should prove to be valuable for businesses, SEO’s, Advertising Agencies, and Business owners alike. (See below)

What are some other features you would like to see Facebook incorporate for administrators in the future? Perhaps a monthly admin activity report?  Let us know what feature(s) you would want to see in the comments section below.

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