Utilize Zip Codes in Your ‪Facebook‬ ‪‎Marketing

In a previous post we discussed the ramifications of Facebook marketing and how it has changed the marketing environment forever. No other time in history have marketers been able to reach their exact target market in a more efficient, and effective manner. If you want to break it down and get your message out to your exact target audience in an precise manner checkout the website http://localistica.com/Tucson Marketing

It will break down Zip Code demographics in your geographic location for you, so you can see the exact demographics of the consumer that you are marketing to. Don’t waste any more marketing dollars advertising to people that are not in your exact target market. Utilizehttp://localistica.com/ to give you an idea of which zip codes you want to target in your Facebook campaigns. Incorporate these zip code targeting methods into your Facebook advertising campaigns and watch your results deliver a higher ROI than ever before!


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