Mktg4TheFuture Blogger Checklist

Below is a comprehensive checklist for any blogger looking to get subscribers and drive traffic to their blog.13043275_s

  • Make it easy to follow your blog with a signup box
  • Make you posts easily shareable on social media sites
  • Utilize your titles effectively
  • Encourage engagement and conversation on your bog with questions and polls
  • Submit popular posts to social bookmarking websites
  • Participate in guest posting and commenting on other industry blogs
  • Make your post SEO relevant and Friendly
  • Share via your social media outlets
  • Consider promoting your post to highly targeted audience
  • Make sure there is a clear call to action
  • Include images and interesting graphics for the audience
  • Utilize blog catalogs and directories to get your blog recognition


This is a perfect checklist to keep handy while starting or maintaining a blog for any purpose. Remember to be consistent to keep your readers engaged. Utilizing the entire item above will help you gain more subscribers, guaranteed! These are some of the basic items this blog abides by which has helped it reach over 2,000 subscribers. What other items have you done to help readership and gain subscribers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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