How you can acquire more Facebook Fans

With Facebook’s’ News Feed algorithm constantly changing it can be very challenging to reach your current audience let alone a new fan base. Growing your fan base on Facebook is a process that takes time but if done right you can easily boost the # of fans you have. By utilizing a few of the strategies below you can not only reach new users but also get in front of your current fans at a more consistent rate.

Utilize the “Invite friends” feature on Facebook. This is probably the easiest and most streamlined way to grow your fan base. You can invite your entire Facebook friend list who are already on Facebook to like your page.


Cross promote your Fan page on other social media sites. This is another easy and straight forward approach to gaining Fandom. Make sure you regularly post a link to your fan page on other social media sites like Twitter and Google+.

Run a contest. Run a contest to encourage social sharing and interaction. Promotion, Sweepstakes, Guessing Game, the bottom line is it really doesn’t matter. Create something fun and engaging and it will do the trick. This is a great way to increase your reach without having to advertise on Facebook.

Pay Facebook to get in front of people. This is a no brainer. You know the old saying, “it takes money to make money” Well in this era it takes money to get more Fans. Note:  if your ads aren’t producing fans then you should reevaluate your content strategy.


Utilize your vanity URL. Utilize your Facebook vanity URL on other marketing collateral. Ours is www.Facebook.Com/Mktg4Thefuture Put the URL on brochures, billboards, TV Spots, and watch your fan base multiply.

Make your page visible. Make sure you have a Facebook like box on your website or blog to make it easy for your current customer base to “like” you.

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