Is Google Indexing your Site Properly?

One of the most common occurrences with SEO mistakes often lies within search engine indexing your site. Indexing issues can limit the # of pages your site allows Google to access and in turn could hypothetically hurt your long term content and SEO strategy.  To make sure your site is getting correctly crawled by the Search bots login to webmaster tool and click on the index tab. What you want to see after you click on this is a high # of indexed pages, which tells you Goggle doesn’t have any problems getting around your website.

If you are seeing a lower # of indexed pages then are on your site you may have a bigger issue. The first recommendation we have is click on the Crawl tab then “Crawl Errors”. This can help you identify any crawling errors on your site.

The Crawl Errors page provides details about the URLs that Google could not successfully crawl or that returned an HTTP error code.

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This page has two main sections:

This section shows the main issues for the past 90 days that prevented Googlebot from accessing your entire site (click any box to display its chart):

  • DNS errors—the Domain Name System, which translates the name of your site to a numerical address for the server that provides your website files.
  • Server errors—your host provider’s server functionality, such as connection reliability and speed.
  • txt failure—the file that Google must first access before it can crawl your site. It tells Google which pages it can and cannot access.

URL errors

This section lists specific errors Google encountered when trying to crawl specific desktop, phone, or Android app pages. Each main section in the URL Errors reports corresponds to the different crawling mechanisms Google uses to access your pages, and the errors listed are specific to those kinds of pages:

  • Desktop
    Desktop or web pages accessed by Googlebot, Google’s main web crawler.
  • Smartphone
    Smartphone pages accessed by Googlebot for smartphones.
  • Feature Phone
    Feature phone pages accessed Googlebot-Mobile for feature phones.
  • Android Applications
    Android app URIs crawled for deep linking with your site pages (Learn more).

By utilizing these reports in Webmaster you can identify and isolate issues with your site, so they can be quickly fixed and your SEO efforts can be optimized to its full potential.

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