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Facebook Creates ‘Call Now’ Button to Local Ads

Facebook Adds Call now Action to Facebook Ads

Facebook has added a nifty feature that makes it easier for businesses to rationalize Facebook’s value in any marketing plan. Facebook’s ‘Call Now’ feature was created as an actionable ad on peoples news feeds. This will make it much easier to measure the volume of calls or leads that a given marketing campaign will produce.


Facebook is rumored to be testing a contact us form within the Facebook platform to make tracking ROI from Facebook ads even easier for local businesses.

Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of Facebooks ‘call now’ feature!

The most effective local reach

The right audience
Use local awareness ads to target people when they’re near you or who live near your location, whether that means walking distance or a few miles.

Costs less
Spend less money by reaching more people in your area per dollar spent than with any other kind of advertising, including newspaper or direct mail.

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