• 4 steps to get More Twitter Followers

    Step 1: Listen. Opening up your ears and listening to what the people you follow are saying is a great way to engage, and get more people to follow you. Generally speaking if you are listening and responding to people’s tweets it will create a snowballing effect. Their follower will recognize this and want to

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  • Is Facebook “Post Boost” advertising a Catch 22?

    Is Facebook “Post Boost” advertising a Catch 22? Let’s start out by saying that we are avid believers in Facebook advertising and believe it currently offers the most advanced method of targeting in the history of marketing. With that being said, we are going to talk about one of those Facebook advertising avenues that doesn’t

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  • Interactive Marketing Agency

    If you are looking for an interactive marketing agency you have come to the right website. Mktg4theFuture® specializes in new media marketing campaigns. If you are looking for someone to manage your entire online marketing mix then please contact us today. We do everything from Local Advertisement Listings, Mobile ad campaigns, Facebook advertisement, pay per

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  • Are Micro Sites Important?

    In todays fierce online marketing environment companies must consistently adapt to new strategies and tactics to ensure results. one of those tactics is something that does not get a lot of recognition in the SEO world, but i believe should. The topic today is…micro sites…and their effect on search. I like to view micro sites

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  • Why you need to stop putting off your social media marketing

    Some interesting facts via @Hubspot! All these facts are courtesy of Hub Spot, the premier player in social media resources and information. These facts provide all the more reason to get your internet campaign started sooner rather than later… About 46% of daily internet users read more than one blog every day. Blog posts shared

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