• How to Grow Your Opted-In Email List

    How to Grow Your Opted-In Email List Simply ask your customers for email information. When they make a purchase from you, ask for an email. When they contact your company with questions, ask for an email. Remind customers to sign up for your emails via marketing collateral like brochures, postcards, ETC. And make sure you

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  • Cool Extensions – “You’ve Got Gmail”

    Remember back in the days while checking your mail on AOL? Of course you do, because that “You’ve got Mail” voice never really left your head after 15 years…did it? Well as Mashable reports, a new Chrome extension will allow you to play “you’ve got Gmail.” This sounds (no pun intended) like a pretty cool

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  • Welcome to Marketing For The Future’s Blog

    Welcome to the official blog page for Marketing For The Future! On our blog you should find some useful information on internet marketing in today’s unique economic environment. Some of the topics we will touch on in the near future includes search engine marketing, SEO, social media, Web 2.0, Mobile solutions, email marketing, and many

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